What is a Simulation Thesis?

Simulation Thesis Presents the Study Findings of Behavior of Various Systems

Students in many different disciplines may write simulation thesis, because simulation is used for study the functioning and behavior of various systems coming under the discipline. Simulation is emulating or imitating a function, process or behavior of a physical, natural or a human system. A thesis on a subject like simulation depends much on the selected topic. Simulation studies have paved way for many discoveries and inventions in Fundamental sciences and Applied sciences. Physical simulations using scaled down model parts has been in use in the engineering field for a long time. Today, computer simulation is being widely used for studying the behavior of any type of system.

Simulation Thesis for Modeling and Simulation Degree

Simulation studies evolved and developed in many disciplines independently. But with the arrival of computers and developments in new interdisciplinary study areas like Cybernetics and Control Engineering many universities have introduced post graduate degree programs in Modeling and Simulation. Students studying Modeling and Simulation study and develop theoretical and conceptual frameworks to encompass the various aspects of the science of Modeling and Simulation, in addition to carryout simulation studies, on varied systems. Results of their studies are presented in theses. In most simulation theses, a purpose statement is written instead of a thesis statement.

Topics for a Simulation Thesis

The simulation thesis can be written either as a simulation study on a system coming under a discipline or as a thesis under the Modeling and Simulation Program. Some of the sample topics under different disciplines:
Power System Engineering: Simulation studies of high resistance faults on a 400kV system.
Artificial Intelligence: Simulation of neural networks on different hardware platforms.
Nursing: Impact of clinical simulation in nursing education.
Marketing: Development of market simulation model for short term and the long term sales forecasting of mobile telephones.
Weather: Design of a tornado simulator to study the formation of tornados

How to write the Simulation Thesis

Simulation theses written under different disciplines take different forms. There are some factors common to all theses. Before starting a research project for a simulation thesis, students have to find an interesting research problem that can answer a current problem that needs a solution. After a brief prior research, they will settle for an interesting subject area and select a problem. They will have to write a thesis proposal and get it approved. Thesis proposal should include a purpose statement or a thesis statement as appropriate, a literature review, theoretical and conceptual framework and methodology. A thesis outline and a thesis plan also have to be included in the proposal.

Get Help to write an outstanding Simulation Thesis

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