Types of Thesis Statement

Types of Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement is an expression, usually not longer than a sentence or two, which states the main idea, argument or a guiding line of a dissertation, essay or any other document. More often than not, one places thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph of a thesis paper. The goal of a thesis statement is to show, what must be explained, reviewed or proven as a result of the research. Thus, it is to stress the main reason why an author is going to attract our attention to a particular matter.

A type of thesis statement defines the audience, the topic and the main ideas of your work. It reveals the means used and evidence to provide in the process of study.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

To write a good thesis statement means to express the main reason for you to submit an issue for consideration within one or two sentences. It should contain the most essential and significant details of your work. Basically, you are to answer “what?”, “why?”, “when?” and “where?” questions in two words.

The main idea of any thesis statement is to bring about a kind of argument or discussion. Your statement is not supposed to have the character of idiom or factual phrase. It must annoy, surprise and give space for reflections and thoughts.

Tips for writing

• think over an object you are going to tell (write) about;
• evaluate the object and describe its features;
• show the importance of the issue in order to convince a reader in need of reading your work.

Generally, thesis statement provides a great foundation for the first view of a reader, once he took a paper in his hands. It can encourage you to read it from the beginning to the end or to through the paper out like trash. Thus, thesis statement plays a big part in one’s opinion.

There exist different types of thesis statement. To distinguish them means to know how to write a good thesis, as a particular matter needs a particular statement. Thereby, we can pick out following types of thesis statement:

• Argumentative thesis statement – declares some basics of the topic and proves the declamation with appropriate evidence; the purpose of an argumentative thesis statement is to persuade the audience that the claim is reasonable and has evidence provided basis.

• Expository thesis statement – gives some explanations on the matter described in the paper; the main goal of such statement is to express what you are going to explain, the means you use for your explanation and the order in which you are to provide your evidence.

• Analytical thesis statement – divides the whole great idea by small logically related parts and gives strict and consistent report; the main point of analytical thesis statement is to expound, analyze and to sum up.

Deciding what particular type of thesis statement to choose, try to think why you are writing a paper and what you want to communicate to the public’s mind.

You may also use special dissertation proposal to simplify the process of research, study and writing.