Sample Research Methodology

Sample Research Methodology shows Methods for Data Collection and the Data Analysis

Sample research methodology will guide the students to identify, select or develop the most appropriate methods for various tasks involved in the research process. A research project is designed to answer a research question or to support an idea expressed as a thesis. When writing a research paper, a thesis or a dissertation it is necessary to keep the reader informed about the researching methods used in the study. A separate chapter has to be devoted to the methodology when writing a thesis or a dissertation based on an empirical research or a scientific experiment.

Purposes of the Research Methodology Section of a Thesis

Many purposes are served by the research methodology section or chapter contained within a thesis or a dissertation. They are:

• To introduce the methods that is used for supporting the thesis statement.
• Proving that the methods are sound, relevant and valid to draw conclusions reached at the end.
• To justify using the methods selected for the data collection or data analysis.
• If the selected methods are different from the methods used by other researchers it is necessary to justify the choices of methods applied.

Research Methodology Should be Discussed in Detail

The research methodology section has to introduce, describe and justify with adequate details, the selected methods. The provided details should be sufficient for the reader to be satisfied that the methods are appropriate for the purpose. The details need not be unnecessarily long, but a comprehensive explanation is expected. Another requirement of a research methodology section is the theoretical background or the reasoning behind the selection of the methodologies. Any sample research methodology should teach the students all the aspects in writing the methodology chapter.

The Items that need to be explained in the Methodology Section

In the methodology section, there are some items that have to be explained. They include the following:

• Most important item is the methods used for collecting data. The readers expect to know how the samples are selected and the features of the population. If any groups are excluded in the samples, this too should be mentioned. Methods and the formats used for collecting data and how the accuracy and reliability of data is ensured should also be considered.
• The next important item is the methodology for data analysis. The statistical methods, software, formulas used in data analysis or the qualitative analysis techniques have to be presented to the reader so that they can judge the validity, reliability and generalizability of the results.

By including these key points for the dissertation chapter in a thesis outline, the chapter for methodology can be written comprehensively and completely.

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