Research Methodology Sample

Research Methodology Sample can be useful to Guide the Selection of a suitable Methodology

Research methodology sample is important when the students have to select a methodology for their research when writing a thesis or a research paper. But, students face the dilemma of where to find the good methodologies for samples. Research methodology has to be chosen very carefully after deciding on a topic and formulating a set of viable and valid research questions. Some types of research questions and research objectives require qualitative data while others require quantitative data. If the research aims at collection of primary data, the methodology must include setting up of laboratory experiments and conducting interviews etc.

Different Types of Research

Selecting the right type of research depends on the research problem. If only a little information on the topic being studied is available, and knowledge on the topic is minimal, then the qualitative data on the topic or the subject is a lot more important than quantitative data. Qualitative data helps to be explorative and classify, categorize or define a phenomena being studied. The suitable methods are observation and interviews. If information and knowledge is available on the subject quantitative data is good for proving a hypothesis or supporting a thesis as stated in the thesis statement. Surveys, questionnaires or laboratory experiments are suitable for collecting quantitative data that can be used in conformatory studies using statistical analysis.

Research Design

Research methodology sample can be used fruitfully when the students design their research. Design of the research has to be done after a careful study of the thesis, hypothesis or the research problem and the type of data needed for supporting the thesis, proving the hypothesis or finding a solution to the research problem. There are many parts involved in the design of the research, depending on the type of research.

• Sampling methods
• Type of data to be collected
• Methods for data collection
• Designing of data collection tools as questionnaires or lab test apparatus
• Methods for data presentation
• Methods for data analysis and interpretation

Selection of Tools for Data Analysis

After the collection of data, it is necessary to analyze the data to draw conclusions. In the scientific experiments, methodologies for data analysis can involve complex calculations and writing sophisticated computer programs. But in analyzing data in a survey conducted for a social science research data analysis may involve use of readily available statistical software. Selection of the appropriate methods has to be done at the proposal stage. Thesis committee will approve the thesis proposal only after satisfying themselves on the soundness of thesis, workability of thesis plan, structure of the thesis outline and the demonstrated plan which indicates the capability of the student to complete the research study.

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