PhD Thesis Topics

The thing number one to do before getting down writing a dissertation is to think up a PhD thesis topic. But still most students wonder how to do it right. Sure, sometimes getting a thesis paper assignment you at the same time get a topic provided by the professor. But, what to do if not? In order to answer this simple question we are going to do the following review. We will not just give you various examples of PhD thesis topics; we are going to teach how to think up topics on your own. We really hope that this experience will be useful for you in the future. In case, if you want to avoid any writing at all or for some reasons the following guide will not help, do not hesitate to apply to thesis writing services.

How to make a good topic?

To make a good PhD thesis topic you must be sure that it is engaging, interesting and provoking. A good topic must: • attract a readers’ attention; • plays some significant part for a reader’s life; • provoke a reader to discuss and argue. Basically a topic presents your paper. Once having found out the topic, a reader should be able to imagine what you will talk about. It describes the entire shape of your work and provides the first ever point of view.

To make a topic good you should…

As we already know, to make a good topic means to make it engaging, provoking and interesting. All these three features have lots of details and that is why they must be examined solely.


In order to make a topic engaging you need to make it engage people. Your purpose from now on is to make readers want to read your paper. Namely, it means that once a reader have taken a paper in his hands, once he has found out what the topic is about, he will not resist reading it.


Every provoking topic provokes to do something. For example, a good PhD thesis topic usually incites audience to argue. Other words you are to set a quarrel.


So as to make a topic interesting you need to provide the best good opinion at every step of reading of your work. To put it other words, you should keep a reader’s attention from the first word until the last period. Frankly, all of the above is not enough to make good PhD thesis topics. In some instances you may need professional recommendations. So, do not hesitate to ask. It would be better for you to prepare a dissertation proposal and show it to your mentor. If, for example, problems occur when you deal with thesis statement – apply to writing services.