Need for Referring to Literature Review Example

Literature Review Example Helps Students Write informative Literature Reviews

Referring to a number of well written Literature Review Example is the best way to learn how to write a literature review. Literature review is piece of writing similar to a report reviewing the current state of knowledge regarding a topic. This may show the knowledge written in books, journals, magazines, newspapers etc. and information available in the internet, TV and Radio on a particular topic. A literature review not only lists the sources but summarizes and synthesizes the knowledge and the information from the sources. The reviewer can arrange the information on some logical order that serves the purpose at hand.

How Does a Literature Review Differ from Other Academic Writings?

Literature Review does not contain any new knowledge or information. Therefore it can never be a primary source of knowledge as an academic paper like dissertation thesis or a research paper. But a literature review is normally a part in a thesis or a dissertation. Rarely students have to prepare literature reviews as assignments. When students are to make a dissertation proposal, before starting the research, a convincing literature review must be prepared as a part of the proposal. This has to justify the research on the proposed topic.

Purpose of a Literature Review

Literature review written as a part of a research proposal, grant request or a business proposal has to help the readers, the approval authority, to understand the current status of knowledge, importance of topic and the relevance of the proposed project. A literature review included in a thesis or a dissertation updates the knowledge of the reader on the thesis topic and prepares the reader to read and grasp the arguments in the thesis. The literature review should follow the rules on citing the references. Students can gain a good knowledge by studying a literature review example

How to Find a Good Literature Review Example

It is obvious that studying a few good literature reviews can give the student enough knowledge on how to write a good literature review. Students shall know where they can get a good literature review example. They can download a good electronic thesis from many university thesis collections and can find good literature reviews as part of these theses. The main advantage is the students can find a literature reviews written on similar topics in the same discipline. Though literature reviews may be absent in some of these theses, theses and dissertations written on Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management topics invariably contain a literature review.

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