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Sample Research Methodology

Sample Research Methodology shows Methods for Data Collection and the Data Analysis

Sample research methodology will guide the students to identify, select or develop the most appropriate methods for various tasks involved in the research process. A research project is designed to answer a research question or to support an idea expressed as a thesis. When writing a research paper, a thesis or a dissertation it is necessary to keep the reader informed about the researching methods used in the study. A separate chapter has to be devoted to the methodology when writing a thesis or a dissertation based on an empirical research or a scientific experiment.

Purposes of the Research Methodology Section of a Thesis

Many purposes are served by the research methodology section or chapter contained within a thesis or a dissertation. They are:

• To introduce the methods that is used for supporting the thesis statement.
• Proving that the methods are sound, relevant and valid to draw conclusions reached at the end.
• To justify using the methods selected for the data collection or data analysis.
• If the selected methods are different from the methods used by other researchers it is necessary to justify the choices of methods applied.

Research Methodology Should be Discussed in Detail

The research methodology section has to introduce, describe and justify with adequate details, the selected methods. The provided details should be sufficient for the reader to be satisfied that the methods are appropriate for the purpose. The details need not be unnecessarily long, but a comprehensive explanation is expected. Another requirement of a research methodology section is the theoretical background or the reasoning behind the selection of the methodologies. Any sample research methodology should teach the students all the aspects in writing the methodology chapter.

The Items that need to be explained in the Methodology Section

In the methodology section, there are some items that have to be explained. They include the following:

• Most important item is the methods used for collecting data. The readers expect to know how the samples are selected and the features of the population. If any groups are excluded in the samples, this too should be mentioned. Methods and the formats used for collecting data and how the accuracy and reliability of data is ensured should also be considered.
• The next important item is the methodology for data analysis. The statistical methods, software, formulas used in data analysis or the qualitative analysis techniques have to be presented to the reader so that they can judge the validity, reliability and generalizability of the results.

By including these key points for the dissertation chapter in a thesis outline, the chapter for methodology can be written comprehensively and completely.

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Software Engineering Thesis

Software Engineering Thesis Can Address Design, Development and Implementation Aspects of Software

Software engineering thesis is written by the students following degree programs in Software Engineering and Computer Science. The thesis may be done at the Bachelor Level, Masters Level or for a Doctorate. Writing a thesis in Software Engineering poses a big dilemma to any student, because the boundaries of this new subject area are still vague and the concepts, theories and approaches are taking new turns very often. Students who already have studied and are in love with more rigorous subjects like Mathematics, network topology, cryptography or even on probabilistic algorithms will be taken aback by the practical and flexible approaches and the concepts used in Software Engineering.

Topics for Software Engineering Thesis

Selection of a topic is another big problem faced by the students planning to write a thesis in Software Engineering. Software engineering is concerned with all the aspects of development, testing and maintenance of software systems used in computers, communication, control and other industrial systems. For this, software engineers use the principles and methodologies from Computer Science, Mathematics and Systems Engineering.

Although learning computer programming and programming languages are necessary for a software engineer, the main function of the software engineer is much broader than writing and coding programs. A thesis topic can be selected from design, testing and maintenance of software systems. In most cases a thesis statement may look like a purpose statement.

Sample Topics for Software Engineering Thesis

Following thesis topics can help to know about the many possibilities for Software Engineering thesis.

• Object oriented software development: Automated systems for testing and maintenance.
• Situation specific augmented reality with use of contextual links.
• Optical character recognition system for map reading.
• Modular software development – Applications in Robotics and Mobile devices.
• Migration management software systems.
• Intelligent offline browsers
• Defending Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks from Hackers
• Data mining techniques using anomalies for detection of Web-based attacks

Planning the Thesis Project Ensures an Excellent Thesis

Planning the thesis and working according to the plan makes whole thesis writing process easy and productive, saving lot of time and energy. After deciding the topic students have to write a thesis proposal and get it approved. A thesis plan is a compulsory part in the thesis proposal. A thesis outline based on the proposal will help the student to develop the thesis and any associated software program at the thesis writing stage. When planning the thesis, adequate time should be allowed for each stage and also contingency time for unforeseen circumstances.

A little Help can make a big Difference

A little help can make a big improvement in the final thesis paper. For the Software Engineering thesis, students can get help for coding the programs, writing specifications, user manual, reports on source code etc. writing the thesis, preparing the diagrams, pictures, screenshots etc. and editing the thesis. Many of these services can be obtained from a good thesis writing company. Students can also buy thesis, research papers and essays written as per their specifications.

Tips on Writing a Laudable Sociology Thesis

Select a manageable Thesis Topic for Writing an In-depth Sociology Thesis

Writing a Sociology thesis is a big challenge, especially when the enormity of the resources required for finishing this task is considered. Student has to spend a lot of time, energy and money for writing a successful thesis in sociology, whether it is a senior thesis or a postgraduate thesis. Normally, theses in this field are written based on empirical investigations on topics from Sociology. Modern Sociology is a relatively new discipline compared to the other classical academic disciplines, though concepts, ideas and theories on society can be traced to ancient times in many civilizations.

Selection of good Topics for Sociology Thesis

Sociology uses empirical studies, and critical analysis to develop theories and knowledge on aspects of human social systems, activities and interactions. It is a very broad discipline encompassing many sub disciplines, and it is interconnected to various other subjects. Students planning to do a thesis in sociology may need an interdisciplinary knowledge as most of the sociological topics are connected to some other subject area. Therefore, selection of a topic that the student already has some knowledge is vital for success of the thesis. Reading thesis sample is one of the best ways to get an idea about how a thesis in sociology has to be written.

Sample Thesis Topics for a Sociology Thesis

It is easy to understand the diverseness of the possible Sociology thesis topics by looking at following topics.

Impact of cultural influence from tourists and foreign workers on local values and norms in Saudi Arabia.
Study on the impact of religion on divorces in USA.
Social causes of domestic violence in families.
Socio-economic development due to rural electrification in 3rd world countries.
Relationship between Social status and the criminality.
Influence of ethnic minorities in UK’s power politics.
Elevation of women’s social status with income-generating opportunities in a developing country.

How to write the Proposal for the Sociology Thesis

Thesis proposal is a crucial step in thesis writing process. Preparing a proposal for a Doctoral thesis can take several months. It is like a hurdle to pass because the students will have to write a thesis proposal and get it approved before proceeding with further research. The essential elements of a thesis proposal include the abstract, introduction, background, problem statement, aim of the study, literature review, theoretical and conceptual framework, methodology, and bibliography. When writing the thesis, the thesis proposal can be easily converted in to the opening chapter of the thesis.

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The biggest problem faced by students writing a sociology thesis is meeting the time constraint. A little help from right sources can ease the burden from the students’ shoulders. Enlisting thesis help from early stages of thesis writing process is a lot more productive than calling for help at the last moment. Calling for help at the last minute may be too late.

What is a Simulation Thesis?

Simulation Thesis Presents the Study Findings of Behavior of Various Systems

Students in many different disciplines may write simulation thesis, because simulation is used for study the functioning and behavior of various systems coming under the discipline. Simulation is emulating or imitating a function, process or behavior of a physical, natural or a human system. A thesis on a subject like simulation depends much on the selected topic. Simulation studies have paved way for many discoveries and inventions in Fundamental sciences and Applied sciences. Physical simulations using scaled down model parts has been in use in the engineering field for a long time. Today, computer simulation is being widely used for studying the behavior of any type of system.

Simulation Thesis for Modeling and Simulation Degree

Simulation studies evolved and developed in many disciplines independently. But with the arrival of computers and developments in new interdisciplinary study areas like Cybernetics and Control Engineering many universities have introduced post graduate degree programs in Modeling and Simulation. Students studying Modeling and Simulation study and develop theoretical and conceptual frameworks to encompass the various aspects of the science of Modeling and Simulation, in addition to carryout simulation studies, on varied systems. Results of their studies are presented in theses. In most simulation theses, a purpose statement is written instead of a thesis statement.

Topics for a Simulation Thesis

The simulation thesis can be written either as a simulation study on a system coming under a discipline or as a thesis under the Modeling and Simulation Program. Some of the sample topics under different disciplines:
Power System Engineering: Simulation studies of high resistance faults on a 400kV system.
Artificial Intelligence: Simulation of neural networks on different hardware platforms.
Nursing: Impact of clinical simulation in nursing education.
Marketing: Development of market simulation model for short term and the long term sales forecasting of mobile telephones.
Weather: Design of a tornado simulator to study the formation of tornados

How to write the Simulation Thesis

Simulation theses written under different disciplines take different forms. There are some factors common to all theses. Before starting a research project for a simulation thesis, students have to find an interesting research problem that can answer a current problem that needs a solution. After a brief prior research, they will settle for an interesting subject area and select a problem. They will have to write a thesis proposal and get it approved. Thesis proposal should include a purpose statement or a thesis statement as appropriate, a literature review, theoretical and conceptual framework and methodology. A thesis outline and a thesis plan also have to be included in the proposal.

Get Help to write an outstanding Simulation Thesis

Success of a thesis depends on many factors. The presentation of the results of research in a clear and readable manner is very important. Students can get help from a good thesis writing company, in all stages of writing a thesis. When writing a simulation thesis, students may have to design the simulation process, find the parameters of the system that is modeled and carry out simulation and sensitivity studies. But they can get help to do the literature review, writing the thesis, tabulation of results, preparing the diagrams, graphs, algorithms, computer programs, and editing the thesis. They can buy thesis for studying how to write a thesis.

Writing a Striking Thesis Abstract

A Thesis Abstract is not an Excerpted Passage

Thesis abstract is a complete description of the contents of the thesis. The contents of the abstract are dependant on the discipline. The purpose of the thesis abstract is essentially the same for any discipline. Students have to understand that the abstract is an original piece of work. It is not a collection of excerpts from the thesis. Though the reader sees it first in the thesis paper, thesis abstract is written after writing and editing of the thesis is completed. A well written abstract helps the reader to decide whether he/she should read the thesis or not.

What should be there in an Abstract?

Two types of abstracts are written for a thesis. They are descriptive abstracts and informative abstracts. Descriptive abstracts should describe the thesis. It is an outline of the thesis and follows the thesis outline closely. It does not review or give opinions on the thesis. It can inform the reader aim, methodology and the scope of the research done but not discuss the conclusions or the findings. In contrast, informative abstracts explain the main arguments, results and the conclusions, going beyond the descriptive abstracts. They also do not pass any judgments on the findings. Informative abstracts are summaries, and they are longer than the descriptive abstracts.

Purpose of writing a Thesis Abstracts

Main idea of writing a thesis abstract is allowing the reader know what is in the thesis, so that he/she can decide whether it is worth reading whole thesis. Online thesis repositories allow readers to read abstracts before they download any thesis. Thesis abstract has become very useful for searching in computerized catalogues. When writing an abstract, all the keywords used and are connected with the central ideas in the thesis, can be used in the abstract. Searching the abstracts with the keywords will allow the reader find what he needs, very fast.

How to write a Thesis Abstract

Because the thesis statement describes the main idea of the thesis, it has to be a part of the abstract, whether the abstract is informative or descriptive. Writing the abstract has to be done after the completion of writing the whole thesis. It should describe the thesis and provide information on the thesis, for an informative abstract it should explain the main arguments and the conclusion too. It is to be noted that keywords and the phrases used in the thesis should appear in the abstract too. Thesis abstract is equally important as the thesis. Many students get the services of professionals for writing the abstracts.

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PhD Thesis Topics

The thing number one to do before getting down writing a dissertation is to think up a PhD thesis topic. But still most students wonder how to do it right. Sure, sometimes getting a thesis paper assignment you at the same time get a topic provided by the professor. But, what to do if not? In order to answer this simple question we are going to do the following review. We will not just give you various examples of PhD thesis topics; we are going to teach how to think up topics on your own. We really hope that this experience will be useful for you in the future. In case, if you want to avoid any writing at all or for some reasons the following guide will not help, do not hesitate to apply to thesis writing services.

How to make a good topic?

To make a good PhD thesis topic you must be sure that it is engaging, interesting and provoking. A good topic must: • attract a readers’ attention; • plays some significant part for a reader’s life; • provoke a reader to discuss and argue. Basically a topic presents your paper. Once having found out the topic, a reader should be able to imagine what you will talk about. It describes the entire shape of your work and provides the first ever point of view.

To make a topic good you should…

As we already know, to make a good topic means to make it engaging, provoking and interesting. All these three features have lots of details and that is why they must be examined solely.


In order to make a topic engaging you need to make it engage people. Your purpose from now on is to make readers want to read your paper. Namely, it means that once a reader have taken a paper in his hands, once he has found out what the topic is about, he will not resist reading it.


Every provoking topic provokes to do something. For example, a good PhD thesis topic usually incites audience to argue. Other words you are to set a quarrel.


So as to make a topic interesting you need to provide the best good opinion at every step of reading of your work. To put it other words, you should keep a reader’s attention from the first word until the last period. Frankly, all of the above is not enough to make good PhD thesis topics. In some instances you may need professional recommendations. So, do not hesitate to ask. It would be better for you to prepare a dissertation proposal and show it to your mentor. If, for example, problems occur when you deal with thesis statement – apply to writing services.

Is it Worth Referring to a Good Literature Review Sample?

Literature Review Sample Gives an Idea of How a Literature review is Written

Literature Review Sample is useful for the students to understand how a literature review looks like and how it should be written. A literature review is a report on a research about the present published knowledge on a specific topic. It should be written on an accepted format and a writing style and in formal language.

When starting a research project a preliminary research has to be done to study the background of the topic to be researched. Research on published knowledge in form of books, journal articles and various other forms of media has to be carried out. The results will identify the sources of information useful for the research project. A literature review summarizes the relevant information and cites the identified sources in a logical manner. It may be one of the main parts of a thesis or a dissertation.

Literature Review is not a Primary Source

Literature review is not a primary source of information because it does not contain any new knowledge on the topic. It contains material related to the existing knowledge on the topic. However, it should not be a mere list of books and articles written on the topic. Writer of a literature review organizes, synthesizes and summarizes the information that is relevant to the topic, available in published literature. He may insert brief comments and snippets of information to clarify some points to help the reader. A well written literature review sample may be helpful to the students to appreciate and understand how such a paper has to be written by themselves.

Literature Review Updates the Reader’s Knowledge on the Topic

The main purpose of a literature review is to provide history of evolution of the knowledge on the topic of the research paper. The literature review gives a chance to the reader who is not very familiar with the recent advances of knowledge and research on the topic. Any reader can refer to the sources mentioned in the literature review to get updated and be ready to grasp the content of the paper. It also helps the researcher to establish the existing gaps in knowledge which current and future studies can help to bridge. If the literature review is done for a project proposal such as a dissertation proposal it can show the importance of the topic and further research on the topic, to the approving committee.

Where to Find Good Literature Review Samples

Nowadays, finding a good literature review sample is not a difficult task. Downloading a thesis or a dissertation on a topic similar to the topic of the research project from a digital thesis collection of a good university is the easiest and the best way to find a good literature review. Students will get a review that has already approved and a part of a paper that is awarded with a higher degree.

Some Students Need Help in Writing a Literature Review

The students may need help in researching and identifying sources of information on the topic, synthesizing the information into a coherent and logical review document and formatting it to comply with the agreed writing format. They can get help from a good thesis writing service like, which has helped tens of thousands of students to write various types of academic papers like essays, term papers, literature reviews, research papers, theses and dissertations.